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Lightsabers are recognisable emblems of the Star Wars universe, and none can compare to their stunning shine, albeit their glitz and triggering sounds. The significance of lightsaber colour was less in the original Star Wars trilogy than it is now. The primary inspiration for the colours of lightsabers came from cinematic principles like colour concept, which viewed red as the perilous, darkside of the saber spectrum versus blue as the “good side of force.”

The fanbase is already quite familiar with how each Jedi’s crystals are color-coded. The Consulars thatare passionate about analysis and contemplation choose green lightsabers. The true warriors, the Guardians, are typically identified with blue lightsabers. For individuals who want to strike a balance between battle and learning, there are yellow lightsabers. A sentinel isa term usuallyused to describe those who wield yellow lightsabers. Sith are wicked guys on the other hand. To advance their evil plans, they have the red lightsabers.

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The central theme of Star Wars is notoriety. Each element merits attention and offers the fan base something fascinating. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” continues the tradition of providing stronger and stronger iterations of weaponry, however the luminous yellow lightsaber in Rey’s possession has sparked a fresh discussion about the different colours that heroes and adversaries wield.


Rey Skywalker’s lightsaber, which has a yellow blade, is a significant component of her, just as her appealing, intriguing, and charismaticpersonality. In addition to being unique from the traditional red, blue, as well as green lightsabers used by other important characters and appearing fantastic, yellow lightsabers have a rich mythology among Star Wars fans.

The colour of Rey’s lightsaber has become talk of town among fans. One of the most puzzling elements of the entire story revolving around Rey is her selection of lightsaber colour. Star Wars aficionados are interested in finding out why Rey’s lightsaber is yellow.

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When Rey’s lightsaber is revealed to feature a plasma blade which is yellow in colour, one of the least common shades to be seen emerging from a lightsaber hilt, it has sparked a lot of debate over what it’s intended to mean.Here, we’ll discuss the insides and outsides of yellow Star Wars lightsabers in this blog and we look for an explanation for this puzzling query.


As any fan of the franchise is aware, yellow lightsabers are quite rare in the Star Wars world. Even though Legends mythology is taken into consideration, the history of Yellow sabers will inevitably be on the brief side because of their paucity in the Star Wars galaxy. Following are some wielders of yellow lightsabers:

  • The Jedi Temple Guard, a corps of eminent, force-sensitive guardians that defends the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, wields yellow sabers. Members of the Jedi Temple Guard are picked at random from among the Jedi Knights and are armed with double-bladed lightsaber pikes. They are recognised for having moral integrity; they are the sort of Jedis that wear masks and dedicate their entire life to guarding a revered location.
  • The Star Wars Legends: Jedi Sentinel reportedly favored the yellow saber.
  • Along with the temple guardians, there is Asajj Ventress, a crimson lightsaber-wielding bounty hunter. However, she deliberately chose a yellow one after her red ones were taken.
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The primary purpose of Rey’s yellow lightsaber is to provide a glimpse of the future as opposed to allude towards the past. That is undoubtedly fitting for a movie series that, maybe at certainly in its last chapters, emphasises the need to let go of the past and welcome the future.

After being rechristened as Skywalker, Rey’s lightsaber in “The Rise of Skywalker” changes from blue to yellow. Rey’s saber serves as a significant cue to her identity as a member of Emperor Palpatine’s (red) family as well as a student of Luke Skywalker since yellow is a well-balanced colour that suggests both the softness of red and also the serenity of blue or green. The yellow lightsaber symbolises a mixture of the two sides by literally combining the eviland goodsides. Yellow lightsabers and identity change are frequently linked. So there is actual proof that yellow lightsabers areprimarily centred on this concept of balance, so it wasn’t just us as film analysts and speculating about the significance.

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Let’s examine yellow sabers in further depth.


Star Wars’ yellow saber became well-known because of its distinctive colour and significance. Of all the sabres, the Yellow Lightsaber is by far the most impartial. Although it is neither in alignment with the light nor the evil side, it has a specific significance for individuals that are force sensitive. Whenever the yellow hueis prevalent, something extraordinary is generally going to happen. The colour yellow represents the possessor’s pious nature. Yellow is a colour that symbolizes kindness and harmony.

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In the Star Wars universe, the colour yellow represents a future identity that one might take to completely transform their current identity. Yellow represents hope, warmth, and vitality, according to colour theory. Yellow lightsaber-wielding figures can fit a variety of jobs, especially covert ones. In addition, yellow also suggests diversity.

Rey is restoring harmony to the force and defending the Jedi method, as shown by the colour philosophy and the historical background of the Jedi order. She is a lone temple guard who represents both the evil and the bright as well as harmony betweenthe ancient and the modern.

The yellow lightsaber was meant to give Rey “a really unique tint” and to convey “an optimistic type of mood.” By forgoing the conventional blue or green lightsaber, Rey was also able to set herself apart from her Jedi forebears. Yellow-colored lightsabers are frequently associated with identity change. In “The Rise of Skywalker,” Rey’s lightsaber becomes yellow as she receives the new identity Skywalker.

A New Hope for Rey Skywalker

Rey’s story of turning to the Light is among the most amazing. It made no difference that she had Sith blood genuinely flowing through her veins. She didn’t give up everything for Kylo Ren either, despite the fact that they are a dyad.

Rey made a lifelong commitment to the light and everything it symbolized for the moment she adopted the Skywalker surname, just like a genuine Sentinel. It carries a lot of responsibility to be the last remaining Jedi. Fortunately, Rey has her yellow lightsaber at her disposal for whenever it may be required.

Rey burying the classic Skywalker sabers in the Tatooine dunes at the conclusion of the trilogy is a symbolic act that really caused this audience to cry. Just as the viewer starts to fear she’s left the Jedi far behind, Rey draws her new yellow lightsaber, which has a hilt that appears to have been made from her usual staff weapon.

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Luke Skywalker as well as Leia Organa’s lightsabers are buried on Tatooine just in front of the planet’s twin sunset by Rey. After that, Rey pulls up her unique lightsaber, a new weapon with a yellow blade made from her distinctive scavenging staff. Even more unusual than any other lightsaber shown, it features a “flick” switch. Her heart has mirrored a yellow tint into kyber crystal to preserve harmony and balance in the universe. Rey is supposed todedicate the remainder of her life to safeguarding the remnants of the Jedi Order and its legacy, maybe even paving the way for a fresh round of lightsaber-wielding heroes, much like the moral, regimented Temple Guard preceding her. Nevertheless, even if the Skywalker Saga is over, you can expect that Rey will appear in further films.

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