The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (2023)

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (1)

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Using the sidearm for your main driving technique can be great. You line up your shot, take your hop step, flick your wrist and just watch your disc fly. One really great thing about the sidearm drive is you never have to take your eyes off the target.

But not all of us are conformable flicking our discs. We like to use our backhand drive more often than not. If you fall into this camp, developing a forehand drive can still be usual. It can help you get out of some sticky situations on the course. Plus, sometimes (if you are a right-handed player) you just need your drive to finish right. The sidearm can be a great way to do that.

In this article, we’re going to go over some great options for distance drivers that you can use to for forehand drives. We’ll also take a look at what makes a great distance driver.

Here are my picks for the best disc golf distance drives for your sidearm:

  • Innova Destroyer
  • Discmania PD
  • Discraft Flick
  • Prodigy X1
  • Dynamic Discs Defender

Let’s take a look at the list in greater detail:

Innova Destroyer – Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: – 1 Fade: 3

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (2)

Innova created an excellent sidearm distance driver with the Destroyer. It’s actually one of the top-selling discs today so you know it’s a great option for your bag.

This disc is highly recommended for throwing forehand because it’s quite overstable and has a low profile. New players might not be able to handle this disc with their backhand but they should see some success when using this disc for long distance forehand throws.

If you want to be like the pros, grab a destroyer for yourbag today.

Check it out on Amazon.

Check it out on Infinite Discs.

Discmania PD – Speed: 10 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (3)

The Discmania PD is a great overstable distance driver. It’s a go-to distance driver for many pro players and recreational players alike but also works well for a sidearm driver.

If you are a new player you probably won’t see immediate success when throwing this disc backhand, but if you need a long distance flick, the PD is a great option for you.

Once you build up your arm sped, this disc will work great for hyzer shots and skip shots. So if you are in the market for a forehand distance driver, you should really consider the Discmania PD.

Check it out on Amazon.

Check it out on Infinite Discs.

Discraft Flick – Speed: 9 Glide: 4 Turn: 1 Fade: 4

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (4)

Are you a Discraft player looking for a long distance sidearm driver? If so, you should really check out the Flick.

The Flick has a nice thin profile and is really overstable which make it great for throwing forehand. It will also work well for your overhand drives.

Grab the Discraft Flick today and you won’t be sorry. It will be your go-to distance disc for all your sidearms drives.

Check it out on Amazon.

Check it out on Infinite Discs.

Prodigy H1 – Speed: 13 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 5

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (5)

Prodigy built a great distance driver for forehands in the H1. This disc has a very flat profile which makes it great for any player’s forehand grip.

It’s also super overstable which is another bonus for your sidearm throw. Not only is it great for the forehand,it’s also a great disc for headwinds and overhand drives.

So if you are a Prodigy fan, you should really consider grabbing the H1 for all your long distance forehand needs.

Check it out on Amazon.

Check it out on Infinite Discs.

Dynamic Discs Defender – Speed: 13 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers For Your Sidearm - Disc Golf Action (6)

If you are a big fan of Dynamic Discs you should really check out the Defender. This is a high speed, overstable disc perfect for your sidearm.

It will quickly become your go-to distance driver for throwing forehand. It doesn’t just work for flicking, you’ll also be able to use it for headwinds, hyzer shots, and overhand drives.

If you go with the Defender, you won’t be disappointed.

Check it out on Amazon.

Check it out on Infinite Discs.

What makes a good Sidearm Distance Driver?

There are two main differences between throwing a disc backhand and throwing it forehand. Those two differences are how you grip the disc and how much spin you put on the disc when releasing it.

To accommodate the forehand grip a flatter disc profile is recommended. A low profile allows your hands to get a better grip on the disc and assists with a good clear release.

When throwing a disc with the sidearm technique, you usually put less spin on the disc than when throwing it with the bank hand technique.

The spin of the disc helps keep the disc in the air and flying on a stable path. To combat this loss of spin it is recommended to throw more overstable driver discs.

When to use a distance driver sidearm disc?

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a disc which I’m not going to discuss here but for most players, they are going to select a distance disc for a distance of about 300 feet to 500 feet.

So if you are at this distance why would you choose to throw a distance driver disc forehand instead of backhand?

Probably the best reason would be because you are more comfortable throwing the disc using a sidearm technique. Meaning you are more consistent and accurate with your forehand at this distance.

If your main throwing method isn’t the forehand or you aren’t as comfortable using the forehand throw, why might you decide to use a forehand shot at this distance?

The best answer would be because you want the disc to finish a certain way. For instance, if you are a right-handed player and you need the disc to fish right instead of left, throwing a sidearm throw would be easier and more consistent than trying to get the disc to turn over.

Some other instances that you might choose a sidearm throw of a backhand would be that if there is an obsolete in your way and you can release the disc using a backhand throw.

You may also need to release the disc low or you may not want to take your eyes off your target. Both situations would lend themselves to a forehand throw.

Aside from throwing sidearm, what else are these discs good for?

The discs in the list are all stable to overstable and all have a low profile. Aside from using them for a forehand shot, they will also work great with your backhand throw.

They should fly straight to overstable so using them for a long distance tunnel shot would be a great option. Also, if you need a disc to finish with hyzer using one of the discs on this list would get the job done.

These discs should also work well for windy days and if you need to throw a long distance spike hyzer or skip shot.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a distance driver disc for your forehand throwing needs any disc listed here should work great for you.

If you aren’t interested in these discs, that’s okay, just use my recommendations when selecting a distance driver disc to flick. You are looking for an overstable disc that has a low-profile.

Select a disc with those characters and you won’t be sorry. You can use these discs for long distance shots that require you to finish right instead of left (if you are a right-handed player). Grab one of these discs and get flicking!

If you are looking for a midrange disc to use with your sidearm, check out this article!

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What is the easiest disc to throw a forehand? ›

Sidewinder. Perhaps the best forehand driver for beginners, the Sidewinder is an understable disc that will help promote smooth sidearm form. Its very low profile fits comfortably in the hand, while its generous -3 turn will allow players of all skill levels to take advantage of the high 5 glide rating.

What is the farthest female disc golf drive? ›

The Disc Golf Guy

Innova's Jennifer Allen holds the Women's World record for distance at nearly 570 feet.

Are Overstable discs better for forehand? ›

Choosing Your Discs

A good place to start building your forehand is with overstable putters and midranges. These discs, especially thrown from a standstill, will add an upshot scoring weapon almost immediately. Slower speed discs will also be easier to control as you improve your technique.

How far does the average pro female golf drive? ›

The average driving distance for a female golfer on the LPGA tour is about 250 yards.

What distance driver does Paul McBeth use? ›

What Distance Drivers is Paul “McBeast” McBeth Using? Paul McBeth's GO-TO distance drivers are the Discraft Zeus and Discraft Force.

How far can Rickie Fowler drive the ball? ›

How Far Do Pros Hit Their Driver and Woods?
PLAYERDRIVER (Average Total distance)DRIVER (Average Carry Distance)
Bubba Watson304.6 yards289.5 yards
Collin Morikawa295.2 yards281.7 yards
Rickie Fowler297 yards289.9 yards
Sergio Garcia309.4 yards296.5 yards
9 more rows

How do you shoot a 1000 rated round in disc golf? ›

Any player who shot a 50 that round would receive a rating of 1000 for that round. Each throw is worth about 10 rating points for courses with this level of difficulty. So, if you shot a 60, your rating for that round would be 900 because you were 10 throws worse than scratch, then mulitply times 10 points per throw.

What is the secret to throwing disc golf farther? ›

For distance shots, you need to keep the nose of the disc pointed downward as you release. Discs thrown with the nose up will travel less far and will hyzer out early. If you can throw 300 feet with the nose up, the same shot would travel 350+ with a small adjustment to the nose angle.

Do pros throw understable discs? ›

Pros also utilize understable discs for specialty shots when they're in a tricky position and need a shot to keep turning right without fading.

Can you throw a disc farther forehand or backhand? ›

So, when throwing a disc golf disc should you use a backhand or forehand for maximum distance? Most players would agree that using a backhand is the best throw for distance. While there are players that are able to throw a forehand further than a backhand, most players are throwing a backhand further most of the time.

How far should a 60 year old man hit a driver? ›

Average Driver Distance By Age
Age RangeAverage Driver Distance
40-50220 yards
50-60211 yards
60+196 yards
All Golfers219 yards
2 more rows

How far should a female golfer hit a 7 iron? ›

7-iron: 160 yards. 8-iron: 155 yards. 9-iron: 140 yards. PW: 120 yards.

How far should a 70 year old woman hit a golf ball? ›

Chart for 70-79 Year Olds
ClubMen (Distance in Yards)Women (Distance in Yards)
3 Wood150125
5 Wood145120
3 Hybrid140115
6 more rows
Feb 21, 2023

What length driver did Jack Nicklaus use? ›

Jack Nicklaus had the opportunity to have a longer driver but as mentioned he selected a 42 ¾ inches. When Tiger did his best he had a 43 ½ inch driver. The average length driver on tour is about 44 ¾ inches.

What is the average driver yardage men? ›

The average golf driving distance for an “average” male golfer is about 215 yards. The average driving distance for an “average” female golfer is around 140 yards. These figures are calculated using driving distance data from the USGA, additional data services, and average handicaps from the USGA.

What is the max distance lines in disc golf? ›

Throwing them at a distance less than that could result in catastrophic skips that do more harm than good. A seasoned disc golfer with average power will generally max out around 400 feet/122 meters at most.

How far does Jordan Spieth hit his driver? ›

Always reasonably long off the tee but not among the players who are thought of as bombers, Spieth is among the leaders in driving distance, ranking sixth in the field with an average of 314.9 yards. He is ninth in strokes gained/off the tee.

How far can Jack Nicklaus still drive the ball? ›

Nicklaus says his average drive is about 220 yards (he does not believe he can carry the ball 200 yards) and his club head speed is down in recent years from about 96 mph to 82 mph.

How far could Ben Hogan drive a golf ball? ›

Ben Hogan hit his driver 265 yards, according to an article in the June 10, 1949 issue of Time Magazine.

What is the key to throwing harder? ›

It's simple physics, really - you need the body mass behind your throw to make it more powerful and increase velocity. A good body weight to aim for is 2.5x your height in inches (ex. 6ft = 72in x 2.5 = 180lbs).

What pitches are hardest on your arm? ›

This is consistent with the biomechanical research that is available: fastballs result in higher torques on the elbow.

What is the highest rated disc golf round in history? ›

Last Updated: 2023-05-12 08:34:01
PlayerRound RatingRound
Paul McBeth11082
Eagle McMahon11084
Paul McBeth11081
Manabu Kajiyama11071
47 more rows

How do you putt consistently in disc golf? ›

Accelerate Through the Putt

From the bottom of your arm swing to the top of your follow through, your hand should be constantly accelerating. It does not need to be a fast motion, just an accelerating motion. This helps your hand get out of the way of the disc as you release it.

What happens if you throw a disc too fast? ›

What happens if I throw too fast for my disc? This is where some skill comes in. When you throw faster than the disc is designed you create a little wobble in the flight. This makes the disc more understable, so it turns more.

Can you throw a disc too hard? ›

Throwing Too Hard is a disease which can infect good players of the game, but it usually attacks beginners and intermediates, as they struggle to properly understand the game, their discs, and themselves, with an ever-improving but inconsistent ability.

What muscles are used most in disc golf? ›

Which muscles are used the most in disc golf? The answer to this question varies depending on the type of disc golf throw you're performing, but generally speaking, the most active muscles used in a round of disc golf include the shoulders, arms, core, and legs.

Do heavier golf discs fly farther? ›

Do Lighter Discs Fly Farther? Yes. Generally, you'll see lighter discs flying a greater distance due to two main reasons. One – The lighter weight of the disc helps the player to generate more arm speed, which translates into more distance.

Are lighter discs easier to throw? ›

On the most basic level, lighter discs take less effort to throw than heavy discs and as a result are often more accurate. However, light weight discs are also generally affected by wind more than heavy discs so you may find heavier discs can maintain a consistent path more effectively in windy weather.

How many golfers can drive 300 yards? ›

Distribution Of Driving Distances

The majority of golfers average between 200 and 224 yards off the tee. Only 4% of golfers drive the ball over 300 yards.

What disc driver is easy to throw? ›

The Innova Roadrunner and Axiom Virus are both very understable distance drivers for beginners. These two discs' drastic turn and minimal fade make them especially easy for new players to throw.

Which disc is the most neutral and easiest to throw? ›

Diamond is the choice of disc for beginners, children and players with moderate arm speed. It is only produced in weights between 150g-160g, which makes it easy to throw and control. It has an understable flight path with good glide and slight fade.

What is the easiest and most common Frisbee throw? ›

The backhand throw is by far the most frequently played technique in Frisbee throwing by beginners. It is no wonder that it is one of the first basics in school and club training because it is so easy to learn and can be used in so many ways.

Can you throw an understable disc forehand? ›

Understable discs allow you to throw pushing hyzers, flip-up forehands that finish straight, and smooth shots that emulate a backhand in situations where you don't have the angle or space to throw a backhand.

Are lighter weight discs easier to throw? ›

On the most basic level, lighter discs take less effort to throw than heavy discs and as a result are often more accurate. However, light weight discs are also generally affected by wind more than heavy discs so you may find heavier discs can maintain a consistent path more effectively in windy weather.

Why don t pros throw understable discs? ›

The downside of throwing an understable disc is that the high glide can negatively affect accuracy. Because an understable disc will have less torque resistance, if thrown too hard, the disc may flip over and hit the ground early as well.

What disc to throw downhill? ›

If you're throwing downhill and you need max distance, say you're on top of a mountain throwing down. You're going to want a disc with some extra glide and some turn. Discs that would be perfect for this would be the Shryke or Tern. The other piece of advice is to keep the disc low.

Which discs go farther lighter or heavier? ›

Do Lighter Discs Fly Farther? Yes. Generally, you'll see lighter discs flying a greater distance due to two main reasons. One – The lighter weight of the disc helps the player to generate more arm speed, which translates into more distance.

What action is forbidden in Ultimate Frisbee? ›

Such actions as taunting of opposing players, dangerous aggression, intentional fouling, or other "win at all cost" behaviors are fouls against the spirit of the game and should be discouraged by all players. The object of Ultimate Frisbee is to gain points by scoring goals.

What is the more advanced throw in Frisbee? ›

There are three types of throws that are mainly used in an Ultimate game; the backhand and forehand throws which are considered the basics, and the overhead throw, more commonly known as the hammer throw, which is considered to be more advanced.

What are the three most commonly used throws in Ultimate? ›

The three ways you can throw a Frisbee are forehand, backhand, and overhead. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Are there any illegal throws in disc golf *? ›

There are no restrictions on how you throw the disc. You may throw backhand, sidearm, overhand, thumber, or any other way that occurs to you.

What discs can hyzer flip? ›

Summary. When it comes to hyzer flip shots, you really can't go wrong with any understable disc golf disc. You can find a huge inventory of understable discs in our online ship including: understable midrange discs, understable fairway drivers, and understable distance drivers.

Can you throw a hyzer flip with an overstable disc? ›

A disc that is too overstable for your arm speed will hyzer out and never flip up. A very understable disc thrown with too little hyzer or too much power will flip all the way over and roll. You need to balance the disc's understability with the correct amount of power and angle.


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