How to Look Fifty not Frumpy after You Reach Higher Ages (2023)

Reaching fifty is an incredible journey, all the amazements of life and all the experiences shape for new styles, fashion statements and you have a perception of your own self. It is remarkable to look elegant and graceful at every age and stage. So we have here a compilation on how to look fifty not frumpy. With more more experiences i have come to believe that after 50 most women tend to look their “best ever in their lifetime” And this certainly is attributed to their own exploration and discoveries into the magical world of fashion and style.

Ever wondered what matter makes Julia Roberts Sandra bullock, Meryl Streep, Madonna, Ellen Degeneres and many other versatile actors from decades, so glamorous and poise even now. Well most of them have matured so gracefully and elegantly that its hard to believe they are in the 50 or above clan. Not only their style and fashion but also their vivacious demeanor has truly enchanted us all through the years.

Style basics for every women:

Style is not just a word describing how you look today; but its more about how well you carry yourself be it any occasion or function. Style covers many aspects which describe you as an individual. Specially women after fifty must have them all sorted way before this time. This will enable to look at peace with their own way of dressing, makeup and aura.

Some of the styling ingredients include:

1. It begins with how you pick your dresses:

Selecting outfits for you does not just mean go by the best selling designer or brands. But its more about finding your own body type, fitment, color and other details. I would rather say it detailing for your own self then about finding outfits. Based on your body structure, built and weight you must pick the right style of outfit. And look for those colors which add to your radiance.

More and more pants and blouses or shirts for casual look. Wear smart skirts for formal look and dresses for party wear. A shrug or a summer overcoat is always graceful add on. And when it matches or contrasts with your shoe, it calls for some wonderful statement.

2- What makeup you wear:

Make should make one look ethereal and not surreal. So pick the cosmetics with great precision. After age 50, it is very important to wear the most wonderful makeup to cover the lines of aging if any and hide the spots or blemishes if any. Though one must try to stay as natural in using the skin care products, but for any reason if using a chemical based cosmetic opt for milder contents and organic or herb based products.

Add more pastels and red. Do not opt for funky shimmery tones used by teenagers it may put your style to test. Be sure to use proper contouring and make up essentials. Use just about adequate makeup, do not add loud shades and try to cover the skin deformities though smoother makeup brushes.

3- How do you accessorize:

Accessories are very important part of styling. Jewelry, purse, hat and others make more than just for appeal. They add grace and delicate details to the style you have opted for. Keep these accessories simple and yet elegant. Opt for more pearls and always keep the nails prim and manicured. An elegant nail art adds a lot more class

4- What fragrance you wear:

A women is known by her smell, and yes the perfume she wears makes a lot of difference on her styling. Using some delicate and warm fragrance makes it a suave and vintage style. After all your style is what you wear gracefully and carry even more elegantly.

5- How you talk and walk:

Women at any age must be truly confident and head strong. The way you talk and walk makes a lot of impact on your style. Your entire personality is a mix of this important function, your charm and composure. At age 50 you are not meant to be a dancing belle of the evening, but you are more of someone who owns and rules the place she goes to.

6- How you choose your outfits for any occasion:

You may have ample branded outfits but how you pick your outfits for any occasion matter the most. You can’t just wear a red to a funeral and a black to a bridal shower. There are some more unwritten but well understood rules which ascertain that wearing occasion specific outfits adds so much more glamor and grace to your demeanor.

A womens’ understanding of the outfits and occasion is what makes her styled for perfection everytime. Wearing the most incredible outfit requires a lot of experience and understanding of life. Which is the case after 50, and this is the most important part of not being frumpy post fifty.

7- Well fitted outfit:

Aging does not mean not getting perfectly fitted outfits. I have seen ample times women wear loose and hanging outfits just because they may have lost weight suddenly or don’t wish to get them fitted. The more fitted the outfit is, lesser is the chance to look frumpy. Try to pick the some with stretch, to give that extra level of comfort and still be fit

8- Secret to looking polished all the time:

Looking polished means eating right, sleeping good 8 hours a night and staying happy and stress free. In addition to facials and spa treatments. Your stress reflects in your face and the wrinkles or greying of hair. So its always recommended to sleep at least 8 hours, workout in a routine and eat healthy. Adopting a healthier lifestyle delays the aging signs and keeps you youthful and radiant.

9- Travel style is important too:

How you travel speaks highly of your taste and style. Travel style is so much more important after a certain age, that it covers more about your sense of fashion. Be specific about comfort and yet you have to look elegant and stylish. Wear outfits which speak of your fashion mantra and make you happy.

10- Good manners is a significant attribute too:

Good manners makes your appeal even more stylish. When you wear graceful, walk elegant and speak all sense it makes the best of your style ingredients. Being humble and yet confident, showing compassion and grace are all what speaks highly of your manners and style

11- Fitness and exercise routine:

It is very important to stay fit and balanced. For heavier and unbalanced body types, it is far more difficult to maintain their style. Its not just about losing weight but staying fit. Mental peace and grace comes in with fitness regime. Be sure to keep adding up to the fitness after your reach 50. Because at this time you need the most strength than ever.

Some never fail styles for women over 50:

  1. A savior jacket: One such jacket must be a part of every wardrobe, thats save the day for you. A get along with trousers, dresses and skirts; almost everything.
  2. Straight fitted trousers: Every women must own a straight fitted trouser. This would make for last moment attire for an unplanned get away
  3. Cashmere sweater in at least 3 shades: Cashmere saves the day at every age and stage. V neck for big bust and round for otherwise. Live it up with amazing jewelry and it works with almost everything you wear. Adds class and elegance too
  4. Wear pastel shades for makeup and up them with a bright red or pink lip color. Focus on daily skin care routine.
  5. Ankle length boots are never out of fashion. Pretty much speaks of the style itself
  6. A scarf or stole is a much needed part of your wardrobe, own a collection of it
  7. Add color to your hair, this makes a cool and refreshing style
  8. Try vibrant whites and dynamic dark shades, they make any occasion be wonderful

The above compilation on How to look fifty not frumpy after you reach higher ages; is to help women in higher ages shape their style and live it up. Its never too late to begin focussing on your style and fashion. The more you look stylish the more grace and elegance it adds to your persona.

Stay stylish and keep writing us, we love hearing from you!

Minu Manisha

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